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06 February 2011

End of a holiday.

Hahahahahaha bestnyerrrrr sch udah start! Malas eh ehhhhhh. Is it already 1 week hols? I don't think like 1week. It just like weekends. Shit I'm so lazy for school. I want 'cuti cuti Malaysia' not this hell. oh gosh my father gave me only 100 RINGGIT MALAYSIA for cny angpau and it's not enough. I want to buy hotstuff and more money indeed for it. I wanna straighten my hair then. aiyooooo fuck this shit. ep epp no I can't say this because I have to thanks my father but not being disgraceful to my own father. I'm sorry. Thank you for the angpau dad I appreciate it so much --'  

Ini lain cerita pula. Pergi miri, tidak oleh apa apa. Just eat eat and eat.  Fuck it's really lame thing ever. Just eat and doing nothing important. I arrived miri around 11 i guess. So, we went to I forgot already. Seriously I don't remember where I going for lunch. Ishhh sine oh? Lupak aku koh. jap...........*thinking*, first pg airport beli ticket lalu. Oh okay. 'Melanau Cafe' ahh eboh lupak pergi sia. Nyaman okay. Then we went to boulevard  pujut but to bad no electric. Dalam ati, WHAT THE HECK. see, I can give my bestie 'ole ole' sorry syg. Pastu I went to parkson. what can I say is, I bought nothing there because nothing make me felt fascinated. I cari kedai gelang2 rantai2 semua tu. tp takda. Ada kot tp tak prasan. Rage dahla tutup. hukhuk. but nevermind, I met my superduper cute hot boy at parkson. awwwww I tergoda. Pake cap hoppers, tee, short pant and VAN'S. YOU FUCKING MELTED MY HEART. DUPDUPDUPDUP ah ah ah ahhh. Tp, ktk pendek bah. sama tinggi kmk. berapa umo ktk? 11,12? hehehe, pastu pergi Boulevard mall. Jumpa dgn terek tamek lagik nok super duper cute awwwwwwuuuuu. Continue with that night story, we went to SCR for dinner. sodap but something block my mood. cibai kau. Tis' man can't stop looking at me. FUCK YOU! Is he still remember me? Because I've been there last year. he can't stop messed me. You're annoying. 

Okay, that night I stay at my uncle house. Their house is F beautiful. Then, we karaoke. LMFAO. I lost my voice. hukhukhuk. whatever I don't care much because I'm happy. muahahahahaha. I miss rena so much. lol. I miss irfan too.so yeah, I have to sleep early because tomorrow fuckin sch is started.  byeeee goodnight(: