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30 January 2011

I hate it

Mannnn, aku sik suka org main mejal okay. boleh sik udah2 gk mejal aku, AKU SIK SUKA! oh please lah I don't like you at all. I'm not yours and you not mine. And I don't ever dream to be with you. EVER! because I only want to make friend with you. you got me? Or else, NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US? NO COUPLE & NO FRIEND. I just want you to stop bother me, will you? Is it hard to understand what my feeling. I don't know why. but, I really happy with my status, i am SINGLE. this is not about the one that hurt me. I just don't like how you act. You envy a lot. like I said. We are not couple bah. so, stop it or it might be annoying to me. please stop it okay. PLEASE I BEG YOU.seriously, I felt so uncomfortable just because of you pushing me like hell. I really HATE it. I am so sorry so sorry. I'm not hurting you but you hurt yourself. As matter of fact. sapa2 pun sik suka di mejal. Okay, I tell you. No second chance. Thank you